Changes Being Made to the Blog as the New Year Approaches!

As this year approaches, I want to heighten my focus on this blog and find time to prepare for upcoming posts. I am excited about the ever-pressing feeling I get to continue being a part of this format. It is my hope to include more posts on topics that expand upon knowledge; health, well-being, and areas of my life that I am confident in as opposed to areas that I need to work on. I tend to post encouraging posts that center around self-talk. What I mean by this is, the blogs I write are usually areas of growth that I need encouragement in. In doing so, it allows me to feel as if my hardships are being used in a positive way.  However, I acknowledge that my triumphs are just as important as my trials. That means I need to celebrate them, as well. I need to show others, as well as myself, that it is possible to overcome struggles.

Here’s to a year of working on areas that need growth while simultaneously celebrating growth.

Because of this, I have been working on a multitude of posts. As I get into the groove of things during these next few weeks of Winter break, I am excited to see what blogging schedule will unfold. In doing so, I hope to come up with a new specific outline of what kinds of blogs I will be posting and stick to a general plan!

Thank you so very much to everyone who has been following me from the beginning and to those who have just begun doing so. I am delighted to see how God has, is, and will work through me to pursue my God-given purpose.



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