Summer 2019 Intentions

    As Summer is in full swing, I have had some time to reflect. I had a month off of school and it looks as if I am planning to take Summer classes. I am spending the Summer working at the beach and I am grateful for this opportunity to embrace change and, ultimately, grow as an individual. A week or two ago I was feeling bleh, so I just went out and laid on the beach with my thoughts as I watched the waves crash. It was liberating to be at one with myself while reflecting on a variety of ruminations that I had purposely avoided through conscious overworking. Giving myself a few moments to actually reflect made a major difference in how I felt. Part of this allowed me to find clarity in the goals I want for myself and how to best achieve them which lead to this list of intentions for the Summer months (June-August).

    First off intention is an aim or a plan and, as I am fully aware, sometimes things don’t go as planned so I am giving myself the space to accept that, while these things may not be accomplished within the month, I am providing myself with a way to make positive baby steps as I enter a season full of fresh opportunities.  

  • Work on a bullet journal
    • A bullet journal is something I have been wanting to work on for months. I like that it allows for a creative process to examine what I truly want from life and gives me a sketch of how my days are spent, ultimately, allowing me to adjust in a way that will promote my well-being.
  • Work
    • I have a job at the beach and I will be spending the time I have scheduled there learning about myself and others.
  • Focus on progressing through class
    • I start a class this month and I am excited to be with my favorite professor and to engage in more psychological knowledge.
  • Complete submission for a magazine
    • In May, I spent a lot of time organizing and planning a submission to an online magazine in hopes that I will be able to write for them. It is my hope that I will complete the submissions this month and then I will await the period of praying for the best! *prayers are greatly appreciated*
  • Go through my camera roll.
    • This may sound like a simple task but I have a very high amount of photos that have been filling the cloud 🙃
  • Make a photography account
    • I took a photography class this semester and I’ve been taking a bunch of photos with nowhere to put them. I think it would be a fun idea to see how an account works out.
  • Take some time to soak up the sun
    • As I mentioned, allowing myself the space to think did wonders for my mental health. I am excited to continue setting aside some time to reflect throughout the month and accept the potential opportunities and fluctuations that will occur.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans”

~ Proverbs 16:3

What are some of your intentions for this month?

*Disclaimer as of August 4th* I adjusted this post from June intentions to Summer intentions. As I mention, intentions are just that, an aim or a plan, and, as I realized, there were too many things on this list in relation to the overarching goal of this Summer which was to LIVE and go with the flow. In honor of that overarching goal, I wanted this to reflect the growth within my heart and soul and the reality that, I too, have changed.


11 thoughts on “Summer 2019 Intentions

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  1. I so, so love your intentions! I’m praying in agreement with you right now that the magazine submission goes well – glad you’re taking your time with it to fully make sure you cross every “t” and dot every “i” – Yay! to the photography account, yes, put those pics to good use – you never know how it will turn out. (Is the pic up top from your camera roll?) It’s a really nice one. Out of all of your intentions I’m glad you’re taking time to soak up the sun and get some “you” time in, which is very very important! – Best Wishes on your Intentions this month, I pray they’re all a success.

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